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Year 7 Literacy And Numeracy Catch Up Premium

Year 7 Literacy And Numeracy Catch Up Premium

The Year 7 literacy and numeracy catch up premium funding in 2020-21

Like the previous academic year, the catch up funding is being used to target the new Year 7 pupils who arrived below the expected standard in English or Maths, this year.

We have set out our plans for how the funding will be spent and the reasons for doing so, in our funding report. 

View our 2020-21 Funding Report for Pupil Premium, Year 7 Catch Up and Covid Catch Up]

How the impact will be measured?

At Borough Academy we monitor attainment and progress through student progress meetings which will inform next steps for learning, lesson observation, book looks and learning walks.

We then intervene as and when needed to address individual learning needs. The gap between our disadvantaged and all students is low and they are on track with the rest of their peers. Teachers use evidenced based interventions- before and after impact. At Borough Academy we also use end of year tests per subject to gather attainment and progress scores e.g. in Mathematics we use White Rose Assessments twice in the academic year to determine attainment and progress which can be used to further compare attainment and progress measure across the Trust using aligned assessments.

We aim to revise impact on an annual basis at the beginning of each academic year (month September - next review date will be September 2021).

Impact of 2019-20 Year 7 Catch Up Premium

You can view the impact of our Year 7 catch up funding, combined with our Pupil Premium funding on the Pupil Premium page