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Sixth Form Curriculum

Our Sixth Form Curriculum is designed to support pupils towards fulfilling a broad range of pathways. 

Intended Curriculum Offer:

We intend to offer a broad curriculum, grounded in the facilitating subjects during our first year. The majority of our courses are A Level programmes, with a small number of BTEC courses intended. Courses on offer are likely to include: 

A Level Maths

A Level Biology

A Level Business 

A Level Chemistry

A Level Computer Science

A Level Drama and Theatre Studies 

A Level Economics

A Level English Literature

A Level Fine Art*

A Level Geography

A Level History

A Level Music

A Level Physics

A Level Psychology

BTEC Art and Design (Level 3) - Including Graphic Communication. 

Please note that subjects are reliant on sufficient numbers wishing to take the course and therefore may change depending on demand. It may be that some courses are offered in conjunction with our partners Sixth Forms Across the Trust. 

Complementary Curriculum Pathways: 

We encourage you to think about the combination of courses you are taking, as you prepare for your next steps. It may be that a complementary offer would be best placed to support you towards your chosen career pathways. The table below may be helpful in supporting you to make those choices.  At Borough Academy, our enrichment programme is structured to complement the pathways.   

Please note, you are not limited to selecting subjects only within these pathways. If you wish to choose subjects across the range of options, we can facilitate that and will discuss that at your informal curriculum discussipn.