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Sixth Form Consultation Notice

July 2023 


Please find published alongside this notice, proposed new admission arrangements for the September 2024 Haberdashers’ Borough Academy intake. 

These admission arrangements were determined by the Trust Board on 13th December 2022.  Under Paragraphs 3.6 and 3.7 of the School Admissions Code 2021 (Code), determined admission arrangements can only be varied in certain circumstances, including to ensure that they comply with the Code or admission law, to correct a misprint and/or to give effect to a Schools Adjudicator's decision (when consultation and Secretary of State consent is not required), or to make variations that are necessary in view of a 'major change in circumstances' (when consultation and Secretary of State consent is required). 

Here, we are consulting on some variations which we say are needed for compliance reasons (these are the ones in blue coloured font) along with some variations which we say are needed due to a major change in circumstances, namely that for the first time in September 2024, our school will have a sixth form, but our determined admission arrangements did not include criteria for this (these are the ones in purple coloured font, along with a new Sixth Form Admission Application Form which is published alongside the proposed new Admission Policy).  We would emphasise that, other than the Minimum Academic Entry Criteria (which applies equally to current Year 11 pupils and external candidates for Year 12), the admission arrangements only apply to external candidates. 

Technically, we need only consult on the proposed variations in purple coloured font, however we are inviting comments from statutory consultees on any of the proposed variations within the admission arrangements.  We have been told by the Department for Education that we need to consult for a period of 4 weeks rather than the usual 6 weeks, as this is a variation request requiring consent, rather than a standard admission consultation that usually takes place in the autumn. 

Please provide any comments you may have via the online form which you can access by clicking here, or send them in writing to, the below address by Friday, 11th August 2023 12pm

         Admission Consultation Response for Borough Academy 

        Haberdashers' Trust South

        Haberdashers' Borough Academy  

        94b Southwark Bridge Road 


        SE1 0EX  

or by email to:  boroughadmission@habstrustsouth.org.uk   by Friday, 11th August 2023 12pm

It would assist us if you could confirm your consultee status (e.g. prospective parent, current parent, past parent, etc.) in your response.