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Religious Studies

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

Mahatma Gandhi

Head of Humanities: Ms. Roach

Our Vision

It is our intent for the Religious Studies element of the Borough Academy curriculum to engage, inspire, challenge and encourage pupils. Studying RS will equip students with the literacy, knowledge and critical thinking skills to engage in an exploration of a range of religions and world views so that they can understand religious beliefs and practices; and philosophical and ethical ideas. It will also cultivate their insightful curiosity, and imaginative empathy to explore and to answer challenging questions about their place in the world and their relationship to others, and to their environment. 

Our Curriculum

Religious Studies contributes significantly to the ethos of the school in which diversity is celebrated, and all students are valued. It enables pupils to ask deep and often searching questions about their own beliefs, and the beliefs, faiths and opinions of others regarding pertinent contemporary moral issues. The teaching of RS at Borough Academy will uphold British Values and help to prepare young people with the academic, social, moral, spiritual and cultural awareness needed to flourish as part of local, national and global communities. Academic success will be measured through the regular use of a range of formative assessment methods in class, and also through summative assessments taken in line with the Trust assessment calendar.

Key Stage 3

The Key Stage 3 Curriculum is broad and gives pupils an understanding of world religions as well as thematic issues. The curriculum is designed in accordance with the Southwark SACRE. 




Introduction to Religious Studies

Introduction to Philosophy and Ethics




Creation Stories



Hindu Dharma



Social Justice and Human Rights

Relationships and Families




Philosophical Questions of Life and Death

Ethical Arguments

Philosophy of Religion

Anthropology: Crime and Punishment

War and Peace

Religions of Africa

 For more information, visit our learning journey below. 


Pupils study the AQA course at GCSE.  Pupils draw on the approaches to studying faith to undertake a deep study of two world religions - Christianity and Islam. Pupils then explore thematic issues, exploring how faiths may approach philosophical or situational issues The topics below give you a brief overview, but our learning packs give the detail of the content for each module. 


Christian Beliefs and Practices 

Relationships and Families

Human Rights and Social Justice

Peace and Conflict




Islamic Beliefs and Practices 

Religion and Life



At Key Stage 3, we formally assess pupils twice a year. These results are reported to you formally as parents, with an opportunity to discuss at the forthcoming parents evening. We also assess pupils reading skills using a standardised test twice a year. These assessments are supplemented by regular in class formative assessment. You can learn more about our approach to assessment at Key Stage 3 by visiting the link here. 

At Key Stage 4 pupils are assessed twice a year in the form of a mock examination. These reflect components of the GCSE course.  These assessments are supplemented by regular in class formative assessment.  Together, we use this information to provide additional guided study support for pupils. 


Pupils receive regular homework at Key Stage 3. This usually forms the basis of a knowledge quiz. 

At Key Stage 4, pupils get an hour of homework a week for their option subjects. This may take the form of extended writing,  quizzing, exam practice or wider reading. 

Useful Resources

AQA GCSE Religious Studies A website

BBC Bitesize Religious Studies website

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