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Trips and Visits


Educational Visits normally take place during the school day but a number involve an overnight stay of at least one night.

Full details of the arrangements for travel, activities involved and the cost will be given to parents well in advance of the proposed visit.

All students participate in these visits and if there are any financial issues these need to be referred to the form tutor. 

Information about the visits will be sent to parents in advance which will include requests for permission and payment where applicable. Students will be unable to attend if this information is not received.  Prompt replies are appreciated. 

Educational Visits may involve travel abroad (e.g. Foreign Languages, Battlefields, leisure activities). Parents are reminded that they are responsible for ensuring that their child has the correct documentation for such a trip (e.g. valid passport). Parents should also note that the Academy insurance cover is limited to travel, life and medical costs only and does not cover the repair/replacement of personal effects (e.g. mobile phones, MP3 players). Additional insurance to cover the cost of these items is the responsibility of parents. 

Some educational visits are an integral part of the Academy curriculum and as such are compulsory.

Payments for visits may be spread over a period of time and should be made through SIMS Pay. Please note that grants are available to help with payment, for students who are eligible for free school meals.

For all visits the following cost implications apply:

  • Curriculum specific and a specification requirement, no charges will apply.
  • Enrichment visit with no specification requirement, there will be a parental contribution.
  • Holidays, such as the skiing trip, parents/carers cover all costs.


Day trips will normally begin and end at the Academy day. Parents will be notified of any change to this prior to the visit. 

Information about the Day trips will be sent to parents in advance which will contain requests for permission and payment where applicable. Students will be unable to attend if permission is not granted.  Prompt replies are appreciated. School uniform will be worn for day visits. 


Sporting fixtures may be arranged at short notice and in this instance, a text/email message or phone call home will notify parents/carers of the arrangements.

Please note that the Academy Code of Conduct applies on all Educational Visits organised by the Academy.