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What is enrichment?

‘Enrichment’ is all of the activities that happen outside of the classroom that we provide to help develop student’s enjoyment of school and build their learning opportunities.

Our enrichment programme provides students with activities at lunch times and after school that either build on their work in class or provide them with a completely new opportunity that they would otherwise not enjoy.

Our expectation

Our expectation is that all students should attend enrichment activities. There is no limit to how many enrichment activities they attend but we expect them to attend some form of enrichment every week.

Who leads enrichment activities?
Most enrichment activities are led by existing school staff.  In some cases, we hire external staff to provide specific expertise.  When external staff are used, these activities can carry a cost that parents must pay in order to secure a place on the activity for their child.

What time do enrichment activities take place?
Lunchtime activities take place from 12:45-13:15.  After school activities take place from 3:15-4:30.  

How long do enrichment activities run for?
The enrichment programme refreshes every term.  The programme below runs for the Autumn term between September and December.  This will be refreshed for the Spring and Summer terms.  On each occasion, the updated programme will be shared with parents and students in advance so that they can sign up for activities in time for the new term.

How do I sign up?
No sign up is required, students can simply attend the activities that interest them. Each activity will have a maximum capacity; this is normally 30 students. If an enrichment activity is very popular and attracts more than the maximum capacity, students will be given priority on a ‘first come first served’ basis in the order they attend. It is worth noting that this effects very few enrichment activities.

Enrichment Timetable

Haberdashers Enrichment Timetable Autumn 2023

Haberdashers' Grotto Enrichment Timetable Spring 2024

Haberdashers' School Enrichment Timetable Spring 2024
Haberdashers' Grotto Enrichment Timetable Summer 2024