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 “I'm proud of the way I've dealt with setbacks. It's hard when you feel down and you think, 'Why is the world doing this to me?' But you must pick yourself up again. That's what makes you a better athlete”

Jessica Ennis

Head of Department: Ms. Cheeseman

Our Vision

Our ambition is to create a curriculum which inspires pupils' to pursue healthy lifestyles as a result of a rich experience of Sport. Our curriculum is designed to give pupils experiences and opportunities to represent and participate in a range of sports, developing transferrable skills as they go.  

Our Curriculum

The intention of the PE curriculum is to provide students with experience of a broad range of sports in a way which is accessible to all, developing lifelong habits that promote a healthy and active lifestyle. This will allow students to:

Experience new and unfamiliar sports. Students will study traditional sports such as Football and Rugby. However, the PE curriculum will also provide opportunities for students to experience sports such as Handball and Tchoukball which they may be unlikely to participate in beyond their school experience.

Develop Thematic Proficiency and transferable skills. Similar themes will be covered in various sports and therefore allow for greater depth of application. For example, comparison can be drawn between sending and receiving skills in Rugby where students use their hands and Football where they use their feet.

Achieve their Personal Best. The visual and performance nature of the subject makes assessment a very obvious process. Value will be placed on students achieving a personal best for themselves and making progress over time relevant to their own starting point. The intention of the PE curriculum is not to provide only for elite performers.

Experience competitive Sport. Through lesson time, enrichment activities and school sports teams, students will have multiple avenues through which to experience and enjoy competitive sport. The hard work and emotions that come with winning and losing will build resilience and character.

Gain an Academic Qualification in Physical Education. The intention of the PE curriculum at key stage 3 is to provide students with both an interest and understanding in the subject that leads to KS4 study in the appropriate GCSE or equivalent.

Develop habits for life long sports participation. Through their exposure to various sports and instruction on how to participate in sport and exercise appropriately, students will be in a position when leaving the school to continue life long habits around a healthy and active lifestyle.’ 

Key Stage 3




Indoor Athletics

Non-traditional Games: Volleyball

Invasion Games: Gymnastics; Rugby; Football

Striking and Fielding Games

Performing at the maximum level- athletics. 


Performing at the maximum level- components of fitness 

Striking and Fielding Games

Invasion Games: Basketball, Netball

Net games: Badminton

Non Traditional Games: Handball, Dodgeball



Net Games

Non-Traditional Games

Invasion Games

Performing at the maximum level

Striking and Fielding Games

 For more information, visit our learning journey below. 




Invasion Games


Net/Wall Sports

Non Traditional Games


Strike and Field Games


Invasion Games


Net/Wall Sports

Non Traditional Games


Strike and Field Games


Pupils follow the Edexcel specification for PE at KS4. 


Components of Fitness

Health and Wellbeing - Preventing Injury

Ethics and Commercialisation in Sport

Engagement Patterns and Sports Psychology


Skeletal and Muscular Systems 

Cardiovascular and Respiratory Systems 

Effects of Exercise on the Body

Practical Coursework



At Key Stage 3, we formally assess pupils twice a year. These results are reported to you formally as parents, with an opportunity to discuss at the forthcoming parents evening. We also assess pupils reading skills using a standardised test twice a year. These assessments are supplemented by regular in class formative assessment. You can learn more about our approach to assessment at Key Stage 3 by visiting the link here. 

At Key Stage 4 pupils are assessed twice a year in the form of a mock examination. These reflect components of the GCSE course.  These assessments are supplemented by regular in class formative assessment.  Together, we use this information to provide additional guided study support for pupils. 


 Pupils do not receive Core PE homework at KS3 and KS4. However, a rich offer of enrichment activities is available and we strongly encourage all pupils to participate in one sporting activity a week. 

At GCSE, pupils get an hour of homework a week for their option subjects. This may take the form of coursework, pre-reading or revision/exam practice. 

Useful Resources

 BBC bitesize – rules and tactics in a range of sports - https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/subjects/zdhs34j  

Top end sports – fitness testing, sporting research - https://www.topendsports.com/  

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