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Our Values and Ethos

Haberdashers' Borough Academy is part of the  Haberdashers' Academies Trust, a multi-academy trust of four secondary schools and five primary schools each at the heart of its community that share a vision for the education of children and young people.

Our Values

Together, Stronger

As part of a close network of schools, we benefit from collaboration and support which helps us to fulfil our ambition to become excellent schools at the centre of our community. We are forward looking and value innovation, but always within the context of our long tradition of providing excellent education.

Borough Values

Our ambition is to ensure that we create an environment which promotes the highest expectations, enabling pupils to develop their academic scholarship alongside their character.  

Our Borough Values enable us to frame that ambition around four key themes, which encapsulate our mission and ethos. We work with pupils to understand the attributes and behaviours we need to develop in order to realise that ambition:  

  • Community -  We are proud of our inclusive and diverse community. Together, we are stronger
  • Aspiration - We aspire to fulfil our potential. We are all capable of achieving greatness
  • Resilience - We strive to do our est. We believe we can, and we will! 
  • Kindness - We are kind to ourselves and each other

Our House System is framed around those values. You can more about that by visiting our 'Houses' page.  

Our Ethos - A Borough Education

Based upon these values we aim to ensure all the children and young people who come to our schools:

  • Are happy and safe at school and are able to learn successfully within a supportive environment
  • Are able to achieve their full potential personally, academically and socially
  • Develop and grow as independent, resourceful and resilient individuals
  • Are equipped with the skills, qualifications and love of learning they will need to be successful and flourish in the world as adults

We will achieve these aims by providing a safe environment where all children and young people can succeed:

  • Our leaders care about what they do and drive a culture of high expectation and ambition.
  • Our challenging and engaging curriculum builds powerful knowledge and provides each student with the opportunity to excel.
  • Great people bring teaching to life. They are passionate about what they do because they know that it matters.
  • We want our children to be individuals with character. Our Haberdashers' Advantage programme enables them to be exposed to a wide range of opportunities and experiences.
  • We know our children and young people well and we use this intelligent insight to ensure that each and every one of them is able to succeed, regardless of their starting point, back ground or need.

Our house structure

In September 2023, we introduced the Borough Academy House System. Every pupil and staff member belongs to one of our Houses, representing them in all that they do. The House system is overseen by Assistant Principal, Ms Holness.

Our rewards and behaviour systems are carefully connected to the House Model. Pupils achieve House Points for:

  •  Excellent Attendance and Punctuality.
  •  Excellent Effort and Behaviour
  •  Representing our House in competitions and Events
  •  Demonstrating the Academy values.

Our houses are named after our four Academy values:


Each House is represented by a House Captain. Together with the staff in their house, they ensure that the house values are upheld. 


Inter-house competitions take place half termly. Pupils participate, representing their house, and gaining house points for their engagement. Our first competition took place in the Autumn term, and was an Inter-House sports event.

Charity Events

Each House has selected a charity to represent for the Academic Year. House captains lead fundraising initiatives to raise money for the selected houses.

The House Cup

The House Cup is awarded three times a year, based on an accumulation of house points across that term. Each child’s points balance contribute to the overall awarding of the house cup.

At the end of the Academic Year, during our Activities week, there are prizes on offer, including trips and visits. Houses select their trips based on their place in the House Cup competition.

If you have any questions regarding our house system, please do not hesitate to contact Ms Holness.