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Our Facilities

Our Facilities

Temporary Accommodation

When the first students will be admitted to year 7 in September 2019 the building works for the main school building will still be in progress so the school will open in temporary accommodation.

By September 2020 parts of the main building will be ready for occupation and so children will move to these areas of the permanent building. We do not expect to need to build more temporary accommodation.

The temporary accommodation will be located on the Grotto Place site and will have space for 6 classrooms, a group/seminar room, toilets, office space for staff, storage and a hall. There will also be an area of outside space for use at break times. The space will be a single building made using modular construction. As an indication of the quality that we are expecting, the technique to build the temporary accommodation is the same technique that will be used for some of the permanent parts of the main building.

The designs for the temporary accommodation can be viewed on the Southwark Council planning application website.

Facilities for the community

We expect to make the school’s facilities available for community use, both at Grotto Place and at the main school.

We are particularly interested in forming partnerships with any community organisations which, in addition to using the facilities, might bring some benefit to the school’s students or staff.