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Y9 Careers Day 19th November

Y9 Careers Day - 19th November

On Friday 19th November, Year 9 were off timetable from period 2 to period 6 to participate in Career's Day. Careers day is a unique opportunity for year 9 engage with professionals from a wide range of sectors including law, medicine, construction, hospitality, charity, the arts and business.

What set the Borough Academy careers day apart was the vision behind the day. The planning was born out of the school’s EDI (Equality, Diversity and Inclusion) strategy. The volunteers’ ethnicity, gender, background, and abilities were a direct comparison to our student body and as such every student should have met at least one volunteer who they could directly relate to and whose career they could see themselves emulating if they so choose. It is the school’s hope that following the day some of the real and perceived barriers to success will have been demystified in the students’ minds.

Our key note speaker for the day exemplified the calibre of volunteers we were lucky enough to recruit. Hashi Mohamed is one of the UK’s leading barristers, a broadcaster at the BBC and an author. He practices in public law with a specific focus on planning and environmental law.

Hashi presents documentaries on BBC Radio 4, most recently on 20 years since the inquiry into the murder of Stephen Lawrence, and on access to the top professions. His story is one of hope and ambition, aspiration and inspiration, luck and tragedy. He uses his personal journey to draw powerful conclusions for business and enterprise, public sector and central government.