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Home Learning by Mr Stow Assistant Principal

Home Learning by Mr Stow, Assistant Principal

It is with a sense of frustration that the Borough Academy community finds itself back in the world of home learning.  Our previous experience from last year made us proud of the incredible resilience and work ethic of our students who managed to adapt and persevere with a new way of learning.  It also showed how innovative and dedicated our staff were in building a whole new skill set to teach via a computer screen. 

We hoped that this was a learning experience we would leave behind but were always conscious that given the landscape of 2020, we may have to revisit.  The decision to move to remote learning was always a last resort but a necessary temporary measure to ensure the safety of students and staff.  Below are some top tips that will help all of our families through the next few days:

  • Students should have a space to work at a table or desk.  They will spend quite a while in front of a screen so being sat comfortably will really help.  Ideally this will be somewhere quiet where they can concentrate.
  • Keep an eye on their work.  Wherever possible make regular checks to make sure your child is engaged in live lessons and completing assignments.  This is the best way to make sure they are keeping up with work.
  • Stick to the timetable.  If your child misses a lesson, then leave it behind and join with the current lesson on the timetable.  If they try to catch up, students miss live lessons and feel a constant sense of being behind.
  • Online learning can be hard on everyone; students, parents, siblings and teachers.  If your child is finding it hard reassure them and point them in the direction of the class teacher for some support. 
  • Staff are accessible via teams.  If your child is finding something hard, encourage them to message staff via teams.
  • Stick to routine – get up and dressed, brush teeth, make the most of breaks and get some exercise.  These are the things that can suffer without the routine of school.

The next few days will be a challenge but the Borough Academy community has proven before that it can rise to the challenge.  We look forward to seeing all of our students back in school as soon as possible.