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Black History Month

Black History Month

black history month 

October is Black History Month and here at Borough it has been encouraging to see all of our students taking part in celebrating, exploring and studying black history and culture across the curriculum. In addition, watching their preparations for a special performance has been amazing (this will be filmed and shared with you shortly).

In Music, students have been playing in African drumming circles music from Mali, singing songs from Ghana and Nigeria, and dancing the South African Gumboot Dance. In Drama they have been looking at the rich history of storytelling and the Griots, whose role it was to pass on the stories and histories from one generation to another. The Art department is looking at African textile design and dyes as well as asking all students to contribute a piece of artwork about their chosen black history hero or heroine. 

African drumming circles

The Humanities departments have challenged the students to conduct a research project on the history, geography, religions, storytellers and philosophers from the ancient kingdoms of Africa to the present day. Also, in French students are looking at songs from Mali.