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A Christmas Carol

'A Christmas Carol'

Best wishes to you all from the Drama and Music departments

We wanted to share with you a very exciting project that some of our Drama and Music students have been involved with this term.

We were approached by The Bridge theatre, to cast some young voices to play all the ‘child’ roles in their production of ‘A Christmas Carol.’ The brief was very demanding as the students would have to multi-role all the parts, showing that they could do a range of diverse accents, sing and create completely different environments, just through their vocal skills.

We were even more excited that our students would be able to work with the world-famous Director, Nicholas Hytner and his team, which included renowned sound designer Gareth Fry! 

The students rehearsed very intensively as the schedule was tight; it was challenging for them to play the parts of all the children who appear in Scrooge’s dreams – on the day of recording last week the students were asked to take part in a session where Gareth set up a professional studio in the school and Nicholas Hytner directed them on a zoom link!

It was fascinating for all of us to see how this worked; the adult voices had already been recorded and the children sang the Sussex Carol and spoke their lines separately, so that Gareth could blend them together.

After some initial nerves, the students soon became completely immersed in the task; we were incredibly proud of the them as they rose to the challenge and were amazing ambassadors for Borough Academy – afterwards Nicholas Hytner said ‘They felt like they’d stepped straight from the pages of the novel.’