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Welcome to the Library

Here at Haberdashers’ Borough Academy Library, we believe that knowledge is power. Haberdashers' Borough Academy library opened in September 2022.


Opening Hours

We are open from 8:15am – 3:30pm. 

The library is a warm and inviting space, located in a convenient place. Currently we have over 3,500 books in the library. Our books reflect our diverse and inclusive community. All our books are carefully selected to support the curriculum and wider learning at all key stages. We encourage independent study, reading with purpose and reading for pleasure in the library.

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The library hosts speakers, parent events, author visits, trust wide events, staff events and more. We celebrate literacy throughout the year with exciting displays of book recommendations and literacy events such as World Book Day, Empathy Day, and National Poetry Day. 

"What was your favourite part about the author talk?"

(Author visit Danielle Jawando, April 2023, student feedback)

  • "Her Perseverance on to not give up"

  • "When she talked about how she was a writer for a TV Show"

  • "When Danielle showed us all the different possible covers for her books"

Students use the library at break and lunch. Students can also access the library before and after the school day.  

All our students and staff are members of the library and have access to a wide range of resources: books, magazines, newspapers, and textbooks. Haberdashers' Borough Library has been carefully curated to create a space providing information for education in both digital and physical format.  

We encourage students to engage in reading to help them to contribute to the school and to reach their personal best. In the library students can develop their curiosity, empathy, humility, open mindedness, resourcefulness, and co-operation.  

Library Newsletter - Latest Edition


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