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What are community languages?

At the heart of Borough Academy, our students enrich our community with their cultures, values, beliefs, and linguistic diversity. Borough Academy is a multi-diverse inclusive school which we are extremely proud of . Community Languages are languages that are spoken within our community but not taught as part of the school curriculum. In our school community, we have a large number of students who speak languages other than English at home (EAL learners). Those who are proficient in all four skill areas (speaking, listening, writing and reading) in their home language can sit an extra GCSE.  

How does it work?

Students who speak another language are given the opportunity to be entered to sit a GCSE or A Level exam in this subject. The process is as follows: 

There are no lessons in school provided for students who are taking a community language students are expected to study independently at home for the exam. Guidance will be provided by the school in regards to preparation and study materials. You will need to provide consent, nearer the time, for your child to be entered for the exam. The school will contact you when this is needed. 

When would my child sit their exam?

For students studying at GCSE (Key Stage 4), the Community Languages exam would be sat in Year 11