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Careers and Employability

Careers Education, Careers Guidance and Work Related Learning are integral to a students’ development and growth at Haberdashers’ Academies Trust South and serve as a preparation for our student’s transition to adulthood.

The presence of career-related activities will provide the connection between learning and earning, equipping our students with the knowledge, skills and attributes needed to enter and thrive in the working world.

The Borough Academy careers curriculum is designed to ensure that all students leave the school having experienced a full and diverse diet of both private and public sector careers. From year 7 onwards students will be aware of the diversity and flexibility that is possible in the current workplace and perhaps most crucially that many of the jobs that will be available in the future do not even exist yet. Each curriculum year is scaffolded to develop the learning and experiences of previous years. The careers curriculum works with a range of cross sector partners that reflect the diversity of our student body.

Throughout their time at Borough Academy, students will have numerous opportunities to participate in career exploration activities including webinars, trips and meetings with guest speakers. We are fortunate to have strong partners in Better Bankside and the London Enterprise Advisor Network (LEAN) who support our students in engaging with a diverse range of career opportunities.  



Our Careers Policies

Borough Academy is fully compliant with current national guidance (accessible here). As per the Baker Clause, Borough Academy welcomes colleges and training providers who wish to speak to students in Years 7 upwards so as to discuss non-academic routes that are available to them. 

Our Careers and Access Policy can be located here.

Our Careers Offer

As outlined in the careers 7 year plan, from the start of year 7, students will be engaged in the following careers related activities:

PSHCE – the PSHCE careers curriculum spirals to meet students’ needs as they grow

Assembly – speakers in assembly include local public sector workers, external careers advisors and inspirational figures

Summer Term tutor program – the Summer term tutor program has a specific career focus with all students and tutors working through age specific booklets from the “Step Up” range

Trips and visits – bespoke careers visits are organised in conjunction with our local partners to match the interests of our diverse student cohort. We aim to ensure all students have had exposure to a range of public, private ad charity sector careers

Our Careers Provision in more detail

detailed careers provision.pdf


Careers Events


University of Cambridge 

We took 56 students to the University of Cambridge as part of the launch for The Scholars Programme. The Scholars programme is an eight-week project in which our students have the chance to learn about a topic from a PhD student studying at a Russell Group University. As part of the launch, our students took part in University style lectures so they could envision the lives of University students. They also got a tour of University of Cambridge's Trinity college in which they visited the college's library, canteen and communal areas. The day finished with a Q&A with some of the Universities student ambassadors. It was a fantastic day in which our students were exposed to life at an Oxbridge institute and we hope to have some of our students attend the University of Cambridge when they come of age.  

Inside Parliament with the Naz Legacy Foundation 

On 21st January, a small group of Year 8 students had the opportunity to attend a workshop on how Parliament works and what you need to become an MP. This session was run by the Naz Legacy Foundation and was inspiring and informative.

With thanks to Ms Roach and Ms Segal for coordinating.

Inside Parliament

Click here to read one student’s experience of the workshop.

 Careers Panel interview

Borough is lucky to have as our careers partners  Better Bankside London Enterprise Advisor Network (LEAN) working with us. On the 22nd February these partners spoke to our students about routes they took into their current careers and what advice they would give to year 7 and 8 students in deciding their education and careers pathways 

 JP Morgan Webinar and panel interview – Careers in Tech 

Borough Academy had the pleasure of hosting a webinar with JP Morgan on 30th March. The webinar focussed on careers in technology and was tailored to the Borough Careers curriculum and our year 7 and 8 audience. Students heard an introductory talk focussing on the range of careers in technology and qualification pathways to arrive at a career in technology. Students asked an array of questions and we thank the team at JP Morgan for delivering such an interesting webinar and panel talk. 


Upcoming Events

1. Year 9 career’s day fair – Our annual year 9 careers day fair is fast approaching. We have a number of different industries and individuals whom have volunteered to provide our year 9 students with an insight into employment.

2. Trip to St Anne’s College (University of Oxford) – We are delighted to inform that we will be taking a group of Year 10 students to visit St Anne’s College to envision the lives of students whom attend the University of Oxford. 

Our Partners

  1. Better Bankside - Better Bankside

Better Bankside is a not for profit company led by the Borough local community. Over 10% of their members are involved in their governance. Bankside have been working with Borough Academy since September 2019 and have introduced us to a number of speakers and contacts as well as supporting the development of our careers plan. 

  1. London Enterprise Advisor Network (LEAN) - Enterprise Adviser Network | London City Hall

The London Enterprise Adviser Network helps young people to build the skills and experiences they need to lead successful futures. It does this by connecting businesses with schools and colleges. This ensures that young people are aware of all the career pathways and opportunities available to them. LEAN have been working with Borough Academy since November 2019 and as well as conducting assemblies and introducing us to contacts, they have supported the development of the Borough Academy Careers plan ensuring we comfortably address all the Gatsby benchmarks and measure our impact through the Compass evaluation tool.

The Brilliant Club works with schools and universities across the UK. The charity exists to increase the number of pupils from underrepresented backgrounds progressing to highly-selective universities. They do this by mobilising the PhD community to share its expertise in state schools.  

Borough Academy partnered with the Brilliant Club in December 2020 and will see it’s first cohort of students enrol on the Brilliant Club’s Scholar’s program in the summer of 2021. The Scholars Programme recruits, trains and places doctoral and postdoctoral researchers in schools to deliver courses of university-style tutorials based on their own research. The courses are accompanied by two trips to highly-selective universities. 

Measuring our impact

The careers program starts engaging students from year 7 and is tailored to their needs as they progress through the school. As such, each year addresses certain aspects of the Gastby benchmarks. In conjunction with our partners LEAN we use the Compass+ evaluation tool to measure our impact and when combined with our student voice surveys we can be sure to adapt our plan to meet the needs of our students.

Borough Academy Careers Contacts and Sources of Information

The Borough Academy careers program is overseen by Carly Holness, Assistant Principal and Euan Paterson, Vice Principal. For details of our provider access policy please see the policies section of the website. To get in touch please contact e.paterson@habstrustsouth.org.uk | 0203 764 1321

The information we publish about our careers offer will be reviewed again in July 2024. 

Careers Contacts Sources