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This was a public consultation about Haberdashers' Borough Academy. It consulted about the school's proposed funding agreement under section 10 of the Academies Act 2010 and the school's admissions policy as required by the Schools Admissions Code.

The consultation ran from Thursday 7th June to Thursday 19th July 2018 and is now closed.  The results of the consultation can be downloaded here:

Consultation Documents

Report on Haberdashers' Borough Academy admissions policy consult

For information only - the consultation is now closed.

As part of our consultation, we would like to invite your views on the following areas:

Date of Opening

We would like to invite your view on whether the school should open in 2019 in temporary accommodation in order to meet the local need for secondary school places.

Funding Agreement

In order to open this new school the Trust is required to enter into a funding agreement with the Secretary of State. The funding agreement would be signed prior to the school opening and is essentially a form of contract which sets out the conditions under which the school will be funded by the Department for Education.  We would like to invite your views on the proposed agreement and whether it should be signed so that we can open the school.

A model funding agreement for Multi Academy Trusts can be found here.

Admissions Policy

We intend to have a simple, fair, and easy to understand admissions policy that will use home to school distance as the main criterion for allocating places. If the school is oversubscribed, first priority will be given to children with an Education, Health and Care Plan or Statement of Special Education Needs naming the school followed by children who meet the following criteria, in priority order:

2. Looked after children
3. Children with exceptional medical or social needs
4. Siblings of pupils attending the school at the time the application is received (this will not apply for the first year of admissions as there will be no older siblings in the school)
5. Pupils who live nearest to the secondary school on the basis of a straight line home to Academy distance.  

Links with the local community

A key part of the Haberdashers’ Academies Trust South’s values and ethos is that its schools serve and are each at the heart of their local communities. The role of the local community and its support of the Borough Academy project has been essential to the project so far and the Trust is keen to develop this. We would like to invite views on how the new school could be an asset for the whole community and suggestions of local organisations that it could form links with.

Public Consultation Document

Public Consultation Booklet